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New Porcine Prothrombin and more from Molecular Innovations

New Porcine Prothrombin and more from Molecular Innovations

Leading the way in coagulation and fibrinolysis for 30 years.

New Porcine Prothrombin

Prothrombin (factor II) is a vitamin K dependent protein that is involved in coagulation. Upon activation, prothrombin is cleaved to form thrombin.Thrombin is a serine protease that converts fibrinogen into fibrin which forms a clot. In addition, thrombin catalyzes many other coagulation-related reactions

Featured product: New Porcine Prothrombin


  • Purified from porcine plasma
  • Greater than 95% pure by SDS page
  • Stable with a shelf life of 3 years or longer

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Researchers Lira AL, Ferreira RS, Torquato RJS, Oliva MLV, Schuck P, and Sousa AA cite our  Human-Alpha-Thrombin in the article “Allosteric inhibition of α-thrombin enzymatic activity with ultrasmall gold  nanoparticles”. Nanoscale Adv. 2019;1(1):378-388.  Read the full article